Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why should anybody care what I do everyday?

Seriously, what the hell are blogs for? I've seen people blog about how some person whined at them at work, what they had for lunch, who the they have a crush on, their day to day crap ect. The question you, and the whole world should be asking is WHO THE HELL CARES? Such inane garbage is hardly worth the whole 200kb of bandwidth it takes up. I'm only using this because I need a little bit of web space until I'm cool enough to have my own domain which will contain much more awesomeness than this stupid blog. I promise you readers that you will never have to endure me talking about my shitty job, my struggle to survive off of ramen noodles, or whose pants I'm currently trying to get into. What you will get is sarcasm, bitterness, and things that need to die in the interest of preserving the human race. On the other hand if I think something is the pinnacle of our evolution I'll let you know that too. I always write in complete sentences because plp who rit lik ths r IDIOTS! I'm also not a fan of bullshit like LOL, ROFL, but I might use ROFLBYFS. Figure that one out later. I must also say because this blog is v2.0 (I accidentally deleted the original.), this time I will take a moment to remind everybody that some of the posts herein contain ADULT CONTENT. I'm posting this now because even though I set my page to include the default 'adult content' warning. It seems to not always work so I'm telling you now. I don't write hate posts or the really creepy stuff, but I do use coarse language and sometimes extremely brief sexual references (also not the creepy kind). This blog may not be for the kiddies. Any way, enjoy.

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