Sunday, January 27, 2008


Beer! That's Right. Frosty cold beer! It doesn't hardly get better than that. Ignore the chick with the tits for a second and just focus on the beer. (I'll get to tits later.) The amber goodness of life is one of mankind's greatest achievments. If you are religious at all (I'm personally not but have it your way.) You must believe that a higher power intervened to create beer. Beer is probably responsible for all good things in the world. Einstein was probably sitting around after a few pints of lager when he thought "You know what, I bet e=mc^2. Then after a few more more he probably wrote y=1/(√1-(v^2/c^2)). That calculates the time dialition coefficient due to relativity if you didn't know. If aliens landed on Earth today and we had no beer they would probably vaporize our planet out of spite. But if they came down and chugged a few brewskis with us, they'd probably bow down and worship us as their new gods. They'd share with us their advanced star flight technology, show us how to cure all disease, help us build a giant orbiting plasma cannon that could actively seek out and vaporize hippies, and let us have freaky alien sex with their females who probably have multiple vaginas. That's right, beer is that good!

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